Railway Track Based Lubricator

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Railway Track Based Lubricator (Hydraulics)

HKM Innovation has provided hydraulic railway lubrication systems for passenger trains. The wheel flanges are lubricated with a precise amount of lubricant which increases the wheel regrinding interval.
The system is reliable and certain, able to withstand severe environmental conditions. The system is designed to be as simple and to automate maintenance as possible.
Equipment is for the distribution of grease on the interior of a railroad track. Improves wear levels where the curve is important in a track. The system is approved by the Indian Railways.

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Railway Track Based Lubricator (Electric)

Electric railway track-based lubricants provide technological advancement over mechanical and hydraulic applicators. The robust galvanized cabinet holds the main components of the system. With a pumping system from 10 to 18 meters, the cabinet can be located in a place of safety for easy maintenance and filling. When the sensors on the track are activated, it starts lubricating the wheel flanges. The system operates on solar power and requires minimal maintenance.

Our story

HKM Innovations is a budding name in the manufacturing & supplying of railway track-based lubricants in India. We are ISO & RDSO approved firm thriving to develop new machines for railway track maintenance & safety.
Development is taking one step at a time, and HKM is proud to take this first step towards manufacturing and supplying lubricants.

Rail lubrication, plays an important role in maintaining the efficient and safe operation of railway tracks. Lubrication is essential for maintaining the efficiency, safety, and longevity of railway tracks. By reducing friction, preventing damage, and enhancing stability, greasing contributes to the smooth and reliable operation of trains while minimizing costs and risks associated with track maintenance.